Connor Moerike


Connor is the President of the HCSU and is a Bioscience Technology student. Connor also works part-time while pursuing studies.

Karla Cabrera

Vice President, PWC

Karla is the Vice President for the Prince of Wales Campus and is an Accounting Technology student. Karla also helps organize events and provides a "campus brief" every Monday.

Thomas Burleigh

Vice President, Finance

Thomas is the Vice President of Finance. Thomas is an Accounting Technology and Business Administration student from Ellerslie, PEI. Thomas has also served as a Residence Life Coordinator in the college's residences.

Jessica Perry

Vice President, Georgetown

Jessica is the Vice President for the Georgetown Campus. Currently, Jessica is in the Plumbing program. Born and raised in Georgetown, Jessica was also valedictorian in high school.

Ryan Campbell

Vice President, Summerside

Ryan is the Vice President for the Summerside Waterfront Campus. Originally from Toronto, Ryan is a Construction Electrical student at the college. Ryan is also a multi-sport athlete and serves as a Student Representative on Holland College's Board of Governors.

Gayle Stuart

Vice President, West Prince

Gayle is the Vice President for the West Prince Campus. Originally from Scotland, Gayle is an active volunteer and an Administrative Assistant student.

Katie Poirier

Vice President, West Prince

Katie is the Vice President for the West Prince Campus. Katie lives in Piusville and is a Small Business Management student.